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Government Announces Increase In Minimum Age for Male Drivers

BREAKING NEWS - You've been April Fooled!

Sources close to the government have revealed that as from July 21st the minimum age for males learning to drive will be increased to 21.

This drastic law change is part of the UK initiative to reduce casualties on the road which some have hailed as the single greatest thing the coalition government has done since coming to power in 2010.

The Get Off The Road law change will not require a vote in the Houses of Parliament due to executive powers. Many people have called this law change a "disgraceful and backward thinking policy".

An unnamed source explained the logic behind increasing the minimum age for males was very simple.

"At the end of the day, before we were elected in 2009 we promised to reduce congestion on the roads and the amount of CO emissions. Here we have a fantastic opportunity to do both things at once and frankly it is disgraceful that Britons are so against this law change"

The main thing that isn't clear is the thinking or rational behind raising the minimum age just for male drivers.

It is not yet known whether the increase in minimum age will affect current driving license holders or only those learning to drive from July this year and an announcement is expected later clarifying the situation.

In the early hours of April Fool's morning we decided to join in on the mischievousness going around. It wasn't till 12 we decided to make it clear to everyone that it was all a practical joke. Did YOU fall for it?

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New Driving Test to be Trialled in 20 Test Centres Across the UK

The DVSA have announced that the new practical driving test will be trialled at 20 test centres in the UK as part of new research aimed at improving and developing the practical driving test. This proposed new test will see various changes and the new trials aim to ascertain the effectiveness of the proposed changes to the driving test. It must be stressed that only the 20 test centres named will be affected.

Part of the new driving test will include changes such as:

- Using a Sat Nav

- Different manoeuvres

- Answering 'show me tell me' questions on the move whilst in the car

It is important to note that you will be doing this new driving test only if your driving instructor is taking part in the trials. To avoid any confusion in this make sure you speak to your driving instructor.

The 20 driving test centres for the trial are:


Bishopbriggs (Glasgow)


Cheetham Hill (Manchester




Handsworth (Sheffield)

Kings Heath (Birmingham)


Lower Gornal

Musselburgh (Edinburgh)




St Helens





If you are an ADI who operates out of any of these test centres and you would like to take part in the trials you can do so by contacting the DVSA via for further information.

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Important: Candidates urged to attend driving tests despite threats of strike

The DVSA have announced that candidates who have their driving tests on Thursday 10th of July 2014 should still attend their driving test despite the threat of strike action.

Failure to do so may mean you will have to pay for another test date and time.

The strike has been called by the Public and Commercial Service union, of whom some driving examiners are members.

The DVSA have stated that you will not have to contact them to rebook if you are unable to take your test because of the strike action and that you should hear from them with a new date within 5 to 10 working days.

If you are unsure of what to do please make sure that you contact the DVSA directly on 0300 200 1122

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What to expect on the Hazard Perception Test

The hazard perception test forms the second part of the theory test.

You take the hazard perception test once you have completed the multiple choice part of the Theory Test.

The hazard perception test is taken on a computer and you will be required to click on a mouse each time you spot a hazard.

Before the test starts you will be shown an introduction video. It is important that you watch and listen to this.

Once the test starts you will be shown 14 video clips each varying in length but generally under a minute long. These clips will be taken from a car driver's view of various different every day driving scenarios.

One of the 14 clips will have two scoreable hazards but you will not be told which one.


It is not enough to simply read about the hazard perception test. You will need practise, unless you want to risk paying to have another test.

You can start practising for your hazard perception straight away by downloading our Hazard Perception PC Software for just £9.99, click the banner below to get started.







Hazard Perception Online Help: when should I click in my hazard test?

Online Hazard Perception Help

One of the most common questions learner drivers ask about the hazard perception test is when they should click on a clip in the test. The obvious answer is when you see a hazard however it is in fact a little bit more complicated than this..

The idea behind the hazard perception test is that it helps train learner drivers in identifying and responding to developing hazards. Recognising when things happen on the road that could develop in to a hazard, seeing it before it can potentially happen.

This gives you more time to react to a potential hazard.

In the test each scorable hazard is worth up to 5 points. If you click too soon or too late you reduce your chances of scoring the full 5 points.

To maximise your chances of getting top marks in your hazard perception test we recommend that you:

1. Respond immediately when you see something that may realistically develop in to a hazard

2. If the scene continues to develop as you anticipated than click a second time

3. When the situation has developed to a point where you would do something about it in a real scenario click again.

Most important of all..

It is not enough to simply read about the hazard perception test. You will need practise, unless you want to risk paying to have another test.

You can start practising for your hazard perception straight away by downloading our Hazard Perception PC Software for just £9.99, click the banner below to get started.


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Hazard Perception Online Help: how to get top marks

Hazard Perception Online Help by Driving Test Success

The hazard perception test is tricky for most learner drivers. Not only do you have to learn about what a developing hazard is but when the optimum time to react to one is.

The key to scoring the highest marks in your hazard perception test is timing your clicks right. You can only achieve this by practising until you gain a true understanding on when a hazard becomes scorable in a test.

Firstly you must understand what a hazard is.

What is a hazard?

A hazard can be anything that could cause a driver to change speed, direction, stop or create harm. Usually, driving hazards are grouped into these categories:

- Physical (junctions, bends, roundabouts)

- Other Road Users (drivers, cyclists, pedestrians)

- Environmental (weather, road surfaces, time of day)

It is important to note that hazards often are not isolated. For example it could be a dark and windy night going through a roundabout with a cyclist in front.

When do I click on a hazard?

You should click when you see anything that has the potential to develop in to a hazard and click a second time IF it develops. If necessary you may wish to click a third time if the hazard continues to develop still.

If what you believed to be a hazard does not develop you should not click a second time. You will not be penalised if you do unless you click multiple times in succession.

By doing this you will increase your chance of scoring 4 to 5 points whilst at the same time minimising the chances of scoring zero points.

What should I do now?

It is imperative that you start practising for your hazard perception test. The best way to do this is with our PC Download software which emulates what you will have in the real test.

Available for just £9.99 you can start revising straight away and avoid having to pay for a retake of your theory test!