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How many hazards are in a Hazard Perception Test Clip? – Driving Test Success | Driving Theory Test & Learner Driver Revision

How many hazards are in a Hazard Perception Test Clip?


Hazard Perception Online Tips provided by Driving Test Success

Each hazard perception clip may contain more than one hazard and therefore it is advised that you click each time you see a developing hazard- without clicking too much and activating the cheat detection system.

In your hazard perception test you will have a total of 14 clips with a total of 15 scoreable hazards.

This means one of the clips will have two scoreable hazards in them.

In your test you will not be informed about when or which clip has more than one scoreable hazard therefore it is imperative, for maximum marks, that you click whenever you see a new developing hazard.

Another reason for doing this is in case the hazard that you have seen in the hazard perception clip is not one that the DVSA have classed as a scoring hazard.

It is vital that you practise for your hazard perception test to prevent having to pay test fees again once you fail.

You can start practising for your hazard perception test immediately with the Driving Test Success PC Download product for the Hazard Perception test.

Hugely popular with learner drivers our hazard perception test revision products have helped millions of people pass their tests.


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