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Hazard Perception Online Help: when should I click in my hazard test?


Online Hazard Perception Help

One of the most common questions learner drivers ask about the hazard perception test is when they should click on a clip in the test. The obvious answer is when you see a hazard however it is in fact a little bit more complicated than this..

The idea behind the hazard perception test is that it helps train learner drivers in identifying and responding to developing hazards. Recognising when things happen on the road that could develop in to a hazard, seeing it before it can potentially happen.

This gives you more time to react to a potential hazard.

In the test each scorable hazard is worth up to 5 points. If you click too soon or too late you reduce your chances of scoring the full 5 points.

To maximise your chances of getting top marks in your hazard perception test we recommend that you:

1. Respond immediately when you see something that may realistically develop in to a hazard

2. If the scene continues to develop as you anticipated than click a second time

3. When the situation has developed to a point where you would do something about it in a real scenario click again.

Most important of all..

It is not enough to simply read about the hazard perception test. You will need practise, unless you want to risk paying to have another test.

You can start practising for your hazard perception straight away by downloading our Hazard Perception PC Software for just £9.99, click the banner below to get started.


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