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What to expect on the Hazard Perception Test


The hazard perception test forms the second part of the theory test.

You take the hazard perception test once you have completed the multiple choice part of the Theory Test.

The hazard perception test is taken on a computer and you will be required to click on a mouse each time you spot a hazard.

Before the test starts you will be shown an introduction video. It is important that you watch and listen to this.

Once the test starts you will be shown 14 video clips each varying in length but generally under a minute long. These clips will be taken from a car driver's view of various different every day driving scenarios.

One of the 14 clips will have two scoreable hazards but you will not be told which one.


It is not enough to simply read about the hazard perception test. You will need practise, unless you want to risk paying to have another test.

You can start practising for your hazard perception straight away by downloading our Hazard Perception PC Software for just £9.99, click the banner below to get started.







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