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How To Pass Your Theory Test

How To Pass Your Theory Test 0

The Theory Test is a compulsory step in getting your full driving licence. Passing your theory first time means you'll save money in the cost of re-sits and you'll then be able to focus on passing your practical test. Despite this, only 28% of all tests sat in 2015 resulted in a first time pass. That’s lower than you thought, right?

We've helped over 10 million learners prepare for their test, so we wanted to share our top 10 tips to help you pass you theory test. We hope you find them useful, and please let us know your own top tips for a driving test success!


The Theory Test is set by the DVSA (Driving Vehicle Standards Agency) and is made up of two parts; multiple choice questions and Hazard Perception.

You'll have to answer 50 multiple choice questions from a possible several hundred and will need to answer at least 43 correctly to pass. 

You'll then move on to the Hazard Perception test which is made up of a series of video clips featuring a variety of hazards. Your job is to spot the hazards and you'll need to get 45 out of 75 to pass, scoring 58%.


The amount of time spent revising for the Theory Test will vary learner to learner. We can't tell you know long to spend, and either can your friends. This will all depend on your existing knowledge of the road, and how serious you really are about learning. 

Think back to when you were revising for exams; did you learn best by cramming? Or by working from a structured revision plan? Know yourself, know your limitations and know what is achievable, then plan-in your theory test revision.


The Theory Test is in place to create safer driving and safer roads. It tests your driver knowledge and ability to identify hazards.

Whilst it may be tempting to just try and remember the correct answers to the multiple choice questions, it won't do you any favours when it comes to driving independently and it won't help you pass the test. 

Not only will proper revision lead to a test pass, it could also save your life one day (incorrect separation distances or low tyre tread are extremely dangerous).

You need to understand the why the answer is the answer, so make sure you look at the explanation and understand it. The DVSA can ask the same question in different ways so if you haven't learnt why something is the way it is you may come unstuck in the test. 


One thing is pretty’re not going to pass the Theory Test if you don’t revise properly. You need to revise using official DVSA revision questions, answers and explanations and you need to see your progress over time so you know when you're test ready. Remember, more than half of all tests result in a fail.

While it may be tempting to save a couple of pounds and use free-content alone, unfortunately you'll be likely to fail and spend more in the cost of re-sits. Free content can give you a taste of what to expect on the test but it will most likely be full of out-of-date questions, and miss a lot of the syllabus. You’ll also be unlikely to be able to track your learning and see your true growth and progression over time.

know when your parents say 'you get what you pay for'? That's certainly the case with Theory Test revision tools.


Practice really does make perfect. Revise, Test & Repeat. You won't be able to just do the mock tests without putting in the revision, but a combination of both will see you learning and improving and you'll start to see your development improve on a progress monitor in no time. 


If you're using a revision tool like DTS Anytime the in-built progress monitor will show you how you're developing. When you're consistently passing mock tests (without getting any help) and feeling confident in each category you're probably ready to take the test.

We hear learners complaining they only failed the theory test "by one mark" - but this actually means they got 8 questions wrong. Try to pass with as close to 100% as possible to safeguard you on the day of your actual test, where you may also be faced by nerves and distractions. 


Many learners put the failure of their theory test down to nerves.

You must be confident before you book your theory test, and stay confident in your abilities. If you’re consistently passing the mock tests at home, you clearly know the answers, and should pass on the day. And if you think you booked your test too soon, or you're starting to doubt yourself, you can always reschedule the Theory Test up to three days before the test date.


If you’ve started your practical lessons, you'll be able to apply a lot of what you've learnt during those hours too. Speak to your instructor about subjects you’re unsure about and pay attention to the road signs and rules of the road on your lessons.


Try not to over think the questions, and believe us when we tell you there are no trick questions.

There will however be questions which are phrased differently from the ones you revised from. Make sure you read each question carefully, and digest what they’re asking you before presuming you know the answer because you recognise the question.  


Remember, you won’t be revising for your Theory Test for ever! Once you pass the Theory Test, you'll never have to do it again and you’ll be one step closer to passing your practical driving test too.

By investing in a couple of pounds now to get high quality revision material you'll not only save the cost of re-sitting in the future, but you'll save time too and be able to focus on passing the practical test.

Our DTS Anytime Online training tool gives you everything you need to prepare and pass the Theory Test first time. In fact with our Online Training you're 2.5x more likely to pass first time. 

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