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Collingwood Learner Driver Car Insurance – Driving Test Success | Driving Theory Test & Learner Driver Revision
The official Driving Test Success store. Helping over 11 million learners prepare for their Theory Test.

Collingwood Learner Driver Car Insurance

Flexible Short Term Insurance For Learner Drivers

from Collingwood Insurance Services (UK) Ltd


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Did you know that the more a learner driver practices with family and friends, the better their chance of passing the driving

Research by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) shows that taking at least 22 hours of private practice, combined with 45 hours of professional tuition with an approved driving instructor, is more likely to lead to a pass in the practical test.

Short Term Policy Durations (Annual Policies available too)

  • 7 days (1 week)
  • 28 days (4 weeks)
  • 56 Days (8 Weeks)
  • 84 days (12 weeks)Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance
  • 112 Days (16 Weeks)
  • 140 Days (20 Weeks)
  • 168 Days (24 Weeks)

Buy One Get One Half Price

Collingwood understand that sometimes you want to practice in more than one car, for example Mum’s and Dad’s car which is why you have the option to add a second vehicle to your policy for half the premium of the first vehicle*.

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Ideal for Parents

As soon as they turn 17, teenagers want to get behind the wheel of a car. Many parents are reluctant to allow their children to practice in their cars because the cost of adding them to their existing insurance may be high, or the worry that their no-claims bonus could be at risk. Thanks to Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance, you can purchase a separate insurance policy in the name of the learner driver. Now you can preserve your no-claims bonus, keep insurance payments as low as £1.70 per day* and still give them the valuable practice they need.

Ideal for Learner Drivers

Your friends and/or relatives might not be very keen to take you out for practice on the roads because of the risk to their car insurance policy. Collingwood Insurance Services (UK) Ltd Learner Driver Insurance spells an end to these worries. All you have to do is take out your own insurance policy with Collingwood Learners. This means you can drive a car belonging to a friend or family member specified on the policy without any risk to their insurance. You can even insure your own car if you’re lucky enough to have one already. Just take out a policy for each vehicle when you need it*.

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* Terms, conditions and fees apply. 

* Price excludes Insurance Premium Tax and Card Processing Fee. Prices correct as of 15th August 2016