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Driving Test Success Mock Papers Updates


Thank you for checking for updates to the Theory Test Mock Papers.

How to check if you have the latest Mock Papers

On the back page of the Theory Test Mock Papers (just above the barcode) you'll see a version number. If you own either /1 or /2 then the following changes apply to you.

The DVSA have recently announced a handful of changes to the official revision question bank. All these changes are highlighted below.


PAPER 1 - Question 1

Updated question to:

Your car requires an MOT certificate. When is it legal to drive it without an MOT certificate? (Mark one answer)

A: Up to seven days after the old certificate has run out
B: When driving to an MOT centre to arrange an appointment
C: When driving the car with the owner's permission
D: When driving to an appointment at an MOT centre

Correct Answer: D (When driving to an appointment at an MOT centre)


PAPER 1 - Question 18

Updated question to:

Before starting a journey, where can you get help to plan your route? (Mark one answer)

A: Your local filling station
B: A motoring organisation
C: The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency
D: Your vehicle manufacturer

Correct Answer: B (A motoring organisation)


PAPER 5 - Question 18

Updated question to:

You are travelling on a motorway in England. You MUST stop when signalled to do so by which of these? (Mark one answer)

A: Flashing amber lights above your lane
B: A traffic officer
C: Pedestrians on the hard shoulder
D: A driver who has broken down

Correct Answer: B (A traffic officer)


PAPER 9 - Question 40

Updated question to:

You stop on the hard shoulder of a motorway and use the emergency telephone. Where's the best place to wait for help to arrive? (Mark one answer)

A: Next to the phone
B: Well away from the carriageway
C: With your vehicle
D: On the hard shoulder

Correct Answer: B (Well away from the carriageway)


PAPER 12 - Question 8

Updated question to:

Traffic officers operate on motorways and some primary routes in England. What are they authorised to do? (Mark one answer)

A: Stop and arrest drivers who break the law
B: Repair broken-down vehicles on the motorway
C: Issue fixed penalty notices
D: Stop and direct anyone on a motorway

Correct Answer: D (Stop and direct anyone on a motorway)


PAPER 14 - Question 43

Updated question to:

What is the maximum fine fro driving without insurance? (Mark one answer)

A: Unlimited
B: £500
C: £1,000
D: £5,000

Correct Answer: A (Unlimited)


PAPER 15 - Question 12

Updated question to:

You are on a motorway. A large box falls onto the road from a lorry. The lorry does not stop. You should (Mark one answer)

A: Go to the next emergency telephone and report the hazard
B: Catch up with the lorry and try to get the driver's attention
C: Stop close to the box until the police arrive
D: Pull over to the hard shoulder then remove the box

Correct Answer: A (Go o the next emergency telephone and report the hazard)


PAPER 15 - Question 37

Updated question to:

When should you stop on a motorway? (Mark one answer)

A: If you have to read a map
B: When you are tired and need a rest
C: If a red cross shows above every lane
D: If your mobile phone rings

Correct Answer: C (If a red cross shows above every lane)


PAPER 19 - Question 39

Updated question to:

Traffic officers are used on motorways and some 'A' class roads. In which part of the United Kingdom do they operate? (Mark one answer)

A: England only
B: England, Scotland and Wales
C: England and Wales
D: England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Correct Answer: A (England Only)

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