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Five Reasons You're Failing the Driving Theory Test

If you're struggling to pass the Theory Test you might find comfort in the fact that in 2015 over 70% of all tests sat resulted in a fail!

However, with the right information, resources and knowledge, passing the Theory Test isn't difficult, so here's Five Reasons You're Failing the Driving Theory Test. 

1. You Didn't Know there are TWO parts to the Theory Test

The Theory Test is set by the DVSA (Driving Vehicle Standards Agency) and is made up of two parts; multiple choice questions AND Hazard Perception.

You'll have to answer 50 multiple choice questions from a possible several hundred and will need to answer at least 43 correctly to pass. 

You'll then move on to the Hazard Perception test which is made up of a series of video clips featuring a variety of hazards. Your job is to spot the hazards and you'll need to get a minimum of 45 out of 75 to pass.

2. You didn't know there's a choice of over 700 questions you could get asked!

There's tonnes of free revision tools and mock-tests for you to try online, however these free resources won't cover the breadth of questions you could get asked in the real Theory Test. And, in some instances they may not even contain officially licensed questions from the DVSA!

The 50 multiple choice questions you have to answer in the Theory Test are randomly selected from a bank of 777, so while a free resource tool may give you some of the official revision questions they are not going to cover all 777, which means you'll be unprepared on the day of the real test.

Our 4-in-1 Theory Test App contains ALL the official DVSA Theory Test questions, answers and explanations, plus unlimited mock tests. Get a taster of the full App with our FREE App for IOS or Android

3. You Didn't Practice the Hazard Perception

The second part of the Theory Test is the Hazard Perception test. Comprising of 14 one minute long hazard perception video clips viewed from the perspective of a driver. You have to click the mouse, or touch the screen, when you spot a developing hazard. All the clips you view will include one developing hazard and one clip will include two hazards. The quicker you respond to the developing hazard the more points you'll score, and you'll need to get a minimum of 45 out of 75 to pass (58%).

With our Theory Test 4-in-1 Bundle App you'll get 75 Hazard Perception clips to practice on. The full App is just £4.99, and you can get a taster of what to expect with our FREE App for IOS or Android

4. You Passed One Mock Test so Thought You Were Ready

Practice really does make perfect and while you may fluke passing one, or even two mock tests you won't be certain of passing the real Theory Test unless you put in the revision first and completed a number of Mock Tests. 

The DTS Anytime revision tool has an in-built progress monitor to show you how you're developing. When you're consistently passing mock tests (without getting any help) and feeling confident in each category you're probably ready to take the test. 

We often hear learners complaining they only failed the theory test "by one mark" - but this actually means they got 8 questions wrong. Try to pass with as close to 100% as possible to safeguard you on the day of your actual test, where you may also be faced by nerves and distractions. 

5. You thought there were Trick questions

The Theory Test doesn't contain 'trick questions', however there will be questions which are phrased differently from the ones you revised from. Make sure you read each question carefully, and digest what they’re asking you before presuming you know the answer because you recognise the question.

By investing a couple of pounds now to get high quality revision material you'll not only save the cost of re-sitting in the future, but you'll save time too and be able to focus on passing the practical test.

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