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How to Pass Your Driver CPC Case Study Test

Module 2 of the Driver CPC Test applies the knowledge you have learnt in your Module 1 (Theory Test) and the highway code, and applies it to case study based scenarios. This ensures you not only know the rules, but are able to apply that knowledge in relation to a specific situation. 

Revising for the CPC Case Study Test

Unfortunately, unlike the Theory Test, no official revision questions have been released by the DVSA (the people who set the test) for the Case Study test - hence why you may be finding it difficult to locate revision materials. 

Driving Test Success have worked closely with industry experts to build an up-to-date question bank of hundreds of professionally written case study questions which cover the CPC syllabus. Click here to find out more >.

Know What To Expect

If you've already sat and failed a test, whilst frustrating, you're in the fortunate situation of knowing what to expect and the types of questions you may face, as well as the ones which caught you out.

If you're preparing for your first test, try to speak to someone who you know who has recently sat the test and ask how they found it, and if there were any specific questions they felt under prepared for.

There is a Driver CPC syllabus which you should be familiar with; which the Driving Test Success Online Training follows. If there are certain parts of the syllabus you don't feel confident on, and don't feel you have seen enough revision material for, we highly recommend you do your own research using the highway code and your module 1a notes to ensure you're confident before you sit your test. 

Thoroughly Understand The Theory

Tying into our last point, it really is essential you thoroughly understand each question, and the theory behind the answers.If you understand why an answer is correct, you should be able to answer confidently when asked in a Case Study format. 

It can be quite easy to get distracted by the Case Study format of the test, and for this reason we ensure you're not only shown the correct answer during revision session, but also the theory behind why the answer is correct. See below for DTS Anytime

Dealing With Nerves 

Passing your Case Study test is essential to starting your new career; so it is only normal it to be nervous before hand.

Have confidence in yourself and your ability; and try not to get too worked up on the days leading up to to your test. Aim to arrive at the test centre early, giving yourself time to sit, relax and cram a little last minute revision in the waiting room

It's not forever 

Most importantly, remember that revising for your Module 2 test won't last forever. If you put in the time and effort now, you'll be thanking yourself in a couple of months time, or when you're out on the road alone. 

Best of luck with your revision and join us on Facebook and Twitter for support throughout your journey.