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Clicking a Hazard too Early or Often in the Hazard Perception Test – Driving Test Success | Driving Theory Test & Learner Driver Revision
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Clicking a Hazard Too Early or Frequently

Are you practising for your Hazard Perception test but keep getting told you're clicking the hazard too soon? 

It is really important to remember that a hazard, in the hazard perception test, is something which will cause you to take action in the form of changing your speed or direction.

When you click during the hazard perception test you are registering the need to take action in order to avoid this hazard developing into an accident, such as beginning to slow down for a pedestrian who is about to cross the road.


So how is it possible to click ‘too early’?


You may simply be clicking before the hazard is actually a hazard. For example:

  • TOO EARLY: A pedestrian is walking their dog on the pavement.
  • NEED TO CLICK: The pedestrian is making clear movements to cross the road or obstruct your path.

Clicking as soon as you spot a potential hazard, means you can also be clicking on a hazard which never starts to develop.

The pedestrian walking their dog may continue along the pavement with no intention of ever crossing the road; meaning you have hit the breaks or slowed down (as represented by your click) for no real reason. In such scenarios you need to keep your eye on the pedestrian to ensure you’re ready to react in case they do turn into a developing hazard.

It is good practice to click when you would take action, and again a second or two later, to ensure your click is within the scoring window, this will hopefully ensure you get some marks, even if your immediate click is slightly premature.


Clicking too often


As mentioned above a click represents you taking action against a hazard. If you’re clicking at everything you see as a 'potential' hazard, or simply repeating your clicks in the hope you'll catch a hazard you may have missed; you can get disqualified from that clip.

So don’t just click when you see a perfectly safe road, with other road users who could potentially become a hazard; click when you see those potential hazards developing and you, as a driver, need to take action.

Remember, it’s a hazard perception test, not a 'spot other road users' test – being able to clearly identify when you need to take action, and when the road is safe to proceed is a skill which all responsible drivers need. 

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