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Nervous for your theory test? Here's our top 5 Tips

On the morning of your theory test, try and make sure you’re calm, relaxed and in a positive mood. Don't worry if you can't completely ignore your nerves - it's normal to feel anxious about something that's important to you. 

Here are our 5 top tips to help you beat your Theory Test nerves:

1. Believe in yourself.

You've booked your theory test because you think you're ready to pass, right? So believe in yourself!

If you're consistently passing your practice and mock revision sessions (using a product which uses official DVSA, 2017 questions) then there is no reason why you can't do the same on test day.

If you've worked through every question and practised on official DVSA timed mock tests, you should have had enough practice to be confident on the real thing!

If, however, you have booked the test because you need to pass it by a certain date, you really need to get serious with your revision, or even think about postponing your test. Use a revision tool which has everything you need to pass: spending a few quid here will save you the cost and time of a re-sit.

2. Eliminate the unknown.

Nobody wants a surprise on test day! Read up on what to expect on your test day to eliminate the unknown!

3. Give the ‘harder’ questions some attention.

Read up on questions which are notoriously difficult in the test. The one we get asked about the most is stopping and braking distances.

It’s worth noting just because these are the question most learners get wrong, doesn’t mean they’ll be the ones you struggle with. 

During the theory test you will have the option to ‘flag’ a question; meaning you’ll be able to skip it for now and return to that question later. Try answering the 'easy' questions, the ones you're comfortable with first, and then come back to the ones you find difficult once your confidence has built.

4. Treat yourself on test morning.

On the day of your test, do something that makes you feel great.

Put on a smile, your favourite pair of shoes, grab your favourite drink and listen to your favourite music. It's amazing how much a positive mindset can calm your nerves.

5. Don't rush.

    Aim to arrive at the Theory Test Centre early, giving you time to sit, relax and prepare in the waiting room. If you're late for the test, you won't be able to sit it, so this one is very important!

    Don’t rush your revision. Work your way through every official DVSA revision question, take your time to learn the answer, not just read it. Revise as much as you can, right up until the moment you step into your test, including on the bus, train or car on the way there!

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