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Government Announces Increase In Minimum Age for Male Drivers – Driving Test Success | Driving Theory Test & Learner Driver Revision

Government Announces Increase In Minimum Age for Male Drivers


BREAKING NEWS - You've been April Fooled!

Sources close to the government have revealed that as from July 21st the minimum age for males learning to drive will be increased to 21.

This drastic law change is part of the UK initiative to reduce casualties on the road which some have hailed as the single greatest thing the coalition government has done since coming to power in 2010.

The Get Off The Road law change will not require a vote in the Houses of Parliament due to executive powers. Many people have called this law change a "disgraceful and backward thinking policy".

An unnamed source explained the logic behind increasing the minimum age for males was very simple.

"At the end of the day, before we were elected in 2009 we promised to reduce congestion on the roads and the amount of CO emissions. Here we have a fantastic opportunity to do both things at once and frankly it is disgraceful that Britons are so against this law change"

The main thing that isn't clear is the thinking or rational behind raising the minimum age just for male drivers.

It is not yet known whether the increase in minimum age will affect current driving license holders or only those learning to drive from July this year and an announcement is expected later clarifying the situation.

In the early hours of April Fool's morning we decided to join in on the mischievousness going around. It wasn't till 12 we decided to make it clear to everyone that it was all a practical joke. Did YOU fall for it?

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